Ariana Grande Shuts Down Justin Bieber’s Thirsty Attempt to Start Drama

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Whenever there’s random, unexpected celebrity drama, chances are Justin Bieber is going to be involved somehow. The 21 year old’s latest victims? Ariana Grande and her often forgotten about boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, aka the #DonutGate guy.

It all started when the “Focus” songstress posted an adorable Snapchat video to her Instagram, which JB obviously was very into. He posted a cheeky little comment telling her how “good” she looked.

Pretty interesting seeing as Ari is apparently still dating her backup dancer, and Justin just publicly smooched his longtime-rumored girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin. Clearly, Ricky thought The Biebs’ response was ~interesting~ to say the least, so he wrote his own snarky reply.



Oh boy; we can feel the drama brewing already! And apparently so could Ariana, because she (seemingly) stopped the fight from going any further by posting a series of indirects on her Twitter page.

We don’t know what we love more: the fact that Ariana clearly has zero time for the dramz, or that she used ‘not today satan’ literally PERFECTLY! BOW DOWN, B******!

WDYT about JB’s thirsty-a** attempt to start drama (again)?

Ariana’s just super involved with her exes lately!

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