Morning Announcements: Justin Defines “Bieber Fever”

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So what is the definition of “Bieber fever” exactly? Justin gives a helpful definition. [MTV]

As if Justin Bieber isn’t busy enough, he’s adding “matchmaker” to his resume. Sorta. Hey, Justin, you can hook us up anytime (as long as it’s with you). [E!]

Deets on Selena Gomez‘s first big blockbuster, 13 Reasons Why! [Deadline]

First look at Nelly on 90210! And can you guess which rapper is appearing next? Who knew the CW was so hip (hop)? [EW]

Rachel Bilson is working with the O.C. creators on a new TV show. OMG, please bring Seth back too! [Just Jared]

Major Gossip Girl goss involving Dan and Blair! Plus, a heartbreaking revelation that the show goes on hiatus for 6 weeks after February 28. [TV Line]

Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Cee Lo, and more will perform at the NBA All-Star game. Basketball just became our new fave sport… [Billboard]