Justin Bieber Fans Wonder If The Madison Beer Tweets Were Staged

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Madison Beer Justin Bieber Photo


You can’t pull one over on the Internet, people. While 13-year-old aspiring singer Madison Beer was riding a Twitter high after Justin Bieber went on a tweeting spree that netted her 30K followers, some fans of Justin’s weren’t having any of it and called the pop star out on the authenticity of his seemingly spontaneous YouTube find.

“All this Madison Beer hype is so false. Look in the background,” one fan tweeted along with a photo of Justin and a cancer patient named Avalanna he befriended earlier this year. In the background of the photo is Madison. And since all of Justin’s tweets failed to acknowledge that he’d met Madison previously, the photo immediately sparked suspicion that Justin not only had a friendship (or more) with Beer, but that he had potentially signed her to his record label and was now trying to pull one over on his fans by pretending to discover her in the same way he’d been discovered as a young teen on YouTube by his manager Scooter Braun. Drama.


But that’s not how it happened according to Madison. She says, “After Scooter tweeted me he invited me to come to a concert and I got to meet him [Justin] and Avalanna. I never thought I would hear from them again and when Justin tweeted me it was a huge surprise!”

Justin seemed to respond as well with the following tweet, which Madison retweeted:

Reactions on Twitter softened. “Stop hating Madison Beer,” @real_JBELIEBER tweeted late Tuesday night. “She just wants to live her dream like Justin, please stop drama and be happy for her.” And the consensus now seems to be that regardless of how Justin’s 25 million followers learned about Madison, she’s so talented, you’ll probably be hearing about her again soon.

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