Morning Announcements: Justin Bieber’s Haircut Costs a Grand

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Would you (or make your boyfriend) pay $750 to snag Justin Bieber‘s haircut? [Popeater]

Pics from Rob Pattinson‘s new movie have surfaced… and is it just us, or does he sorta look like a vampire? [Celebuzz]

Calling all Gleeks! Is Kurt coming back to New Directions?! We have the deets. [EW]

Speaking of the Glee guys, they’ll be taking it off – all of it! – in an upcoming eppie! As if we weren’t already excited… [PerezHilton]

Rachel Berry will be covering Katy Perry in the upcoming Valentine’s Day ep. Guess what song she’ll be singing — it’s a good one! [New York Magazine]

GTLers rejoice! Jersey Shore is coming back for yet another season. But, uh, that’s assuming the entire cast doesn’t get kicked off for punching each other in the face. [Hollywood Life]

Teen Mom stars snap back at Kim Kardashian‘s rant about the show that makes teen pregnancy “trendy”. [US Weekly]