Hailey Baldwin Buys Justin Bieber Diamond Ring to Celebrate Engagement

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Justin Bieber went big — literally — with Hailey Baldwin‘s engagement ring. The Biebs worked with Pristine Jewelers in NYC to make a custom 7-carat, oval-cut diamond ring that reportedly cost him about $2 million.

Stunning, right? But the 21-year-old didn’t want to be the only one with a pretty piece of jewelry to let everyone know she is engaged. Hailey and Justin recently went back to Pristine Jewelers to get her bling resized (and to have a few more stones added) and the model decided to purchase a special engagement ring for the “Friends” crooner to wear, too.

Sources tell The Blast that Hailz purchased a diamond-encrusted band with the initials ‘JB’ for the 24-year-old to wear. She also dropped cash on another custom-made diamond ring for herself engraved with the word ‘Baby.’ Coincidence?

But the newly engaged couple‘s spending spree didn’t end there! JB bought himself a little something special, too, and walked away with a 33-carat, diamond-encrusted Patek Philippe watch.

Ed Sheeran also wears an engagement ring, although his is much more modest.

“I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings,” he explained at the BRIT Awards. “It’s the same commitment either way.”

As for the ring, fiancée “Cherry Seaborn made it for [Ed] herself out of silver clay.”

“I really like it,” the British crooner gushed.

Equality, man!