Justin Bieber Has Chicks Throwing Themselves At Him. Literally. (Video)

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If you were sitting in the front section of a Justin Bieber concert, you’d probably spend all 2 hours of the show taking pictures and hyperventilating and screaming your lungs off. Us too. Except at the weekend Bieber concert in Sydney, Australia, one non Belieber did, well, the complete opposite, throwing eggs — yes, the kind you cook with — at the Biebs and his dancers. Mean!

Personally if we were within 6 feet of the Biebs we’d be doing other things to him. Just sayin’. Click on to watch Bieber get egged!

And, side note, why would someone pay that much money to sit in the front of the concert just to throw eggs at him? That is one sick little joke and we don’t like it once bit. Watch the vid below! Good thing the Biebs didn’t get hit…

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