Justin Bieber Hits a New Level of Racism with Latest Batch of Instagram Pictures

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At this point, Justin Bieber‘s not even trying to say ‘sorry’ to anyone. Years after the now-22-year-old’s “joke,” in which he dropped the N-word several times, leaked on the Internet, he’s still taking racism to new levels.

In January 2016, the “Company” singer was reamed in headlines for appropriating culture by wearing cornrows. At the time, he insisted that reported fling Hailey Baldwin “made” him get cornrows “like an absolute d*****bag.” He said he’d get rid of them the following day, and that was pretty much the end of that. But over the weekend, the shaggy-haired bleach blond donned a new controversial ‘do, and he doesn’t seem to be apologetic about it:

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Yes, JB is currently sporting dreadlocks, and without any explanation (or excuse) this time. He only captioned the first photo, saying, “Why.” Good question, Justin. Good question. Needless to say, people are crying cultural appropriation:

Justin Bieber Dreadlocks




Will his antics ever end?

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