Justin Bieber Has “Trust Issues” But With Drake. Not Selena (First Listen)

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Looks like BFFs Justin Bieber and Drake have been spending some quality guy time togeths lately. Ya know, just hanging out in the studio and singing about girls. Basically what we’re saying is the Biebs remixed Drake’s song “Trust Issues” and it’s a whole new dark side of the Biebs. He doesn’t rap on the track, but his voice does sound deeper than usual and hence we’re falling deeper in love. Plus, he talks about “hating women” in the song, but we just know he’s not talking about Selena.

Wanna listen?

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Check out Justin’s version below:

Oh, and here’s Drake’s original version so you can compare:

What do you think of Justin’s version of “Trust Issues”? Wish he rapped? Tell us below!