18 NSFW Tweets Fans Sent Justin Bieber That You Have to See to Believe

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LBR, we’ve had our eyes on Justin Bieber ever since his first single, “One Time,” hit the radio airwaves back in 2009. Ever since then, though, it seems like he’s only gotten more adorable. And, by adorable, we mean EXTREMELY good-looking. Still, all we could do was admire him from afar and support his career by purchasing his music, which we did. Well, most of us, anyway.

While the majority of self-proclaimed Beliebers bought his albums, his concert tickets and gushed about his hotness to their friends, there were inevitably other fans who took their obsession with the pop star a step further. These people were the ones who would hop on Twitter every chance they’d get to send JB all of their dirtiest thoughts, and trust us… they can’t possibly get much dirtier. Don’t believe us? Scroll through to see some of the most unbelievably NSFW messages fans sent the “Friends” singer on Twitter. You won’t believe your eyes.