Are Justin Bieber and One Direction Twitter Warring?! Teen.com Investigates

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Oh Justin Bieber — first the paparazzi, then the cops and now, beef with One Direction?! If you’ve seen the lyrics for JB and Carly Rae Jepsen’s upcoming “Beautiful” duet — and you know that you have! — then you may have noticed some eerie similarities to the lyrics of a certain boy band (or of a certain boy) from across the pond. And it seems like many 1D fans have, too, since there is some major dramz going down on Twitter between Directioners and Beliebers — and they’re even managing to get Ed Sheeran in on the action, too!


The Background: One Direction has done its share of work for letting us ladies know “You don’t know you’re beautiful/That what makes you beautiful.” But via Internet rumblings, it seems as though Justin and Carly will give them a run for their money during their upcoming duet, “Beautiful” off of Carly’s new album, Kiss.

It all started with Justin’s recent tweet that his duet with Carly, “Beautiful” was tweeted as having similar lyrics back in 2011, a claim which a Jepsener backed up:

And despite Beliebers being thrilled about these two Canadians and labelmates making sweet music together, Directioners were less than thrilled:

In fact, fans have even made it a point to show that Ed Sheeran’s song, “Wake Me Up,” has similar lyrics, so Justin and Carly were doubly wrong:



But rather than endorse the fighting, it seems that Justin has stepped in to quell it, tweeting:

And, to further prove that there’s no animosity between the guys, Justin sent out a tweet directly to Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, just in time for the 2012 MTV VMAs!

Which side are you on in this “twitter war?” Do you think JB and Carly copied 1D’s lyrics or the other way around?

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