The 5 Most Ridic Bieber Rumors of All Time

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Bieber Rumors

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Poor kid. We’ve all heard pretty ridic rumors about Justin Bieber. But the newest one may top the list. According to Star magazine — which is obvs the most “trusted” news source ever — a woman is claiming that the Biebs is the father of her 3-month-old child. FYI, she was 19 at the time she says Justin knocked her up. He was 16. So she’s basc admitting to an illegal activity if it actually went down. But while this whole paternity suit ensues, we’ve rounded up the most ridonculous JB rumors we’ve ever heard. Is this baby daddy dramz really the most absurd?
Let’s see…

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1. Justin and Selena broke up because of a text message. And that’s not even the half of it. Supposedly, Sel was angry at Justin ’cause the text was to his ex, Jasmine V!

2. Scratch that — Jelena‘s doing just fine. In fact, they’re getting engaged! Two months after the couple “broke up,” Justin was ready to pop the question. At her 19th birthday party. Talk about the perf present.

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3. The Biebs is headed to prison. Two years ago, it was for an angry pack of Beliebers fighting at a mall. But now, it’s because Justin posted copyrighted songs on YouTube. Visit FreeBieber.org for more updates on that one.


4. JB died. Of a drug overdose. Or syphilis. Or a car accident. Who comes up with these things??


5. Justin is actually a Justine. Well, according to one site, there’s “no word yet on whether the real Justin Bieber is a girl or not.” Guess the results are still pending on that one, too.

What’s the most ridic Justin Bieber rumor you’ve ever heard? Which of these is the most unbelievable? We wanna know!