Justin Bieber’s Telling Your Dad He’s “A Great Distraction” (Vid)

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We love ourselves some Justin Bieber (as does everyone else). But lately, we’ve been afraid that he may be getting a big head. C’mon, the Black Friday fangirl guy commercial? We’ll admit that it was totally hilar, but what a way to build up his ego. And with his latest commercial, entitled “Dear Dad,” for his Someday fragrance, we almost have no words.

“I’m a huge megastar. I got a full head of hair.”

Way to be modest, JB. Watch below! (P.S. You may notice just a few sexual innuendos.)

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Okay, so it was still pretty freakin’ funny, don’tchya think? Do you think Justin’s getting a little cocky? Or is he just having fun? Have you bought his perfume yet? Let us know!