20 Girls Justin Bieber *Dated* Before He Got Freakin’ ENGAGED!!!

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It was the news heard around the world: Yes, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged after only being back together for a few weeks! We’re SHOOKETH, as you probably are, too. Although it came as a bit of a surprise — especially since the news broke on a Sunday afternoon when we were trying to enjoy our bottomless brunch — we’re so happy for the couple, especially since the Jailey romance in 2015 was a super cute moment on the Justin Bieber dating timeline.

Hailey certainly isn’t Justin’s first serious love interest, though. His relationships have been plastered across headlines and all over social media throughout the years and, of course, we’ve been following along. It goes back much farther than Selena Gomez as well. Justin’s dating history has been public since his days singing “Baby” for sold-out crowds, winning over the hearts of teen girls (and boys) all over the world. So, which ladies has Justin been linked to over the years? Hold onto your wigs, Beliebers, because this is going to be one wild ride down memory lane: