The 5 Best Justin Bieber Fangirl (and Guy) Moments (Vids)

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What would you do if Justin Bieber was right in front of you? Would you cry? Scream? Yell? All of the above? It’s okay, we won’t judge. Clearly, the world acknowledges the fact that Beliebers are quite possibly the most crazed dedicated fans ever. That’s why, in this Black Friday commercial for Macy’s, even middle-aged men are shown with Bieber Fever. (Justin’s that big of a deal.) So to celebrate everything that is the Biebs, we picked the Top 5 Fangirl Moments of All Time (that were captured by cameras, anyway)!


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Macy’s Commercial

Toddler on Jimmy Kimmel
MOM: “We don’t have to cry because we love Justin Bieber.”
GIRL: “Yeah, we do. Sometimes.” Too cute!

Fan on The Ellen Show
Breathe, girl! We can’t tell if she’s just short of breath or about to vom.

Rando Screaming Fans
WARNING: Turn down your speakers before you watch!

Fan Jumps On Stage
Serious question: What did the girl think she was gonna do once she caught him?

Girls Crying in Mexico
You might not be able to understand what they’re saying (si no habla español),
but you can so tell how they’re feeling.

Are you a Bieber fanatic too? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a Belieber do? Which video was the most entertaining? Share with us!