Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend Forces Him to Be a “D***** Bag” Racist

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When you think of the inappropriate wear of cornrows, the first person that probably pops into your mind is Kylie Jenner, who has been a fan of rockin’ the braids despite getting criticized MANY times for appropriating black culture while wearing them. And despite witnessing the backlash Kylie faced first hand, it seems that Justin Bieber has learned nothing from watching his bestie offend millions.

The 21-year-old singer posted a photo of himself with braids in his hair a few hours ago. According to The Biebs, it was his new girlfriend Hailey Baldwin that was the one who forced him into getting the style, and while he did say the ‘do made him look “like an absolute d***** bag,” he doesn’t seem to understand the underlying issue — racism.

But while Justin doesn’t seem to GAF that his hair is currently offending a huge amount of people, people on the Internet aren’t about to back down and let him think that he’s doing nothing wrong.

Harsh? Yes. Deserved? Also yes.

Get all the details about Justin and Hailey’s new romance:

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