From Our BFFs: Is Another Justin Bieber Book in The Works?

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Because one Justin Bieber comic book (plus a movie, albums, clothes, nail polish and everything else) isn’t enough, we’re about to get hit with a second. We think they should call it “My Comic 2.0.” Get it? [Hollywire]

Bieber’s ex Jasmine V debuts her new music vid for “Natural!” Weird, because Selena Gomez has a song called “Naturally.” Hmm… [Just Jared Jr]

And speaking of the Biebs, our new crush Graham Stookey is totally the next Justin Bieber. Or at least he thinks he is. [Seventeen]

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted with her co-star Josh Hutcherson again. Um, we think it’s safe (and sad) to say she’s totally over Zac? [Twist]

Joe Jonas‘ solo career is looking good on him. And so are those glasses. Just sayin’. [Posh24]

We have three words that’ll get most of you very excited: Harry Potter weekend. ‘Nuff said. [JSYK]

What’s in store for Spencer and Toby’s future on Pretty Little Liars? The show’s exec producer spills! [Wetpaint]

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