Celeb Battle: Who Sang “Mistletoe” Better, Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson?

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Yup. We’re doing it again. We’re pitting Justin Bieber against Cody Simpson. But instead of ogling over how cute they were as babies or debating who looks hotter in the snow, we’re focusing on the stuff that really matters here, guys — the music. The Codester sang “Mistletoe” at the Breaking Dawn premiere ( where the Jenner sisters interviewed him and made him do it), which obvs just begs the question — did he do it live better than Bieber does it live? Don’t worry, we’ve got videos for you to watch before you judge:

Ok, so who’s it gonna be? Who sang “Mistletoe” better? And which pop star would you rather cozy up to this holiday season — Justin or Cody? Tell us here but don’t leave before you vote!