From Our BFFs: Who Does Justin Bieber Think Is The Most Influential Person?

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Justin Bieber told Time he thinks Charlie Sheen is the most influential person ever. At least it’s better than saying “Justin Bieber?” [JSYK]

If you missed Darren Criss‘s amazing Livestream, you should watch it right here, right now. [Seventeen]

Nikki Reed likes her new boyf Paul McDonald because he’s never seen Twilight. She definitely wouldn’t like us then! [Wetpaint]

Ashley Tisdale spills on her High School Musical days and Zanessa, obvs. [J-14]

After years without work, Lindsay Lohan finally landed a movie role. And then they took it away from her. Yikesies. [Hollywire]

Lady Gaga says she got the “Born This Way” lyrics from God… not Madonna, like everyone thought. [Posh24]

Watch these new preview clips for The Suite Life‘s graduation ep! Unless you want to bawl your eyes out, that is. [Just Jared Jr]

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