Justin Bieber Booed for Being Late to Concert; Apologizes on Twitter

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The month of March hasn’t exactly been positive for Justin Bieber. Or his stay in London, England for that matter. This past weekend in the city, what was supposed to be a celebration of Justin’s 19th year in existence turned out to be the “Worst birthday” ever for the “As Long As You Love Me” singer. Now, Justin’s speaking up again for yet another incident, only this time, he’s the one left apologizing.

According to reports, Justin showed up two hours late to the stage of his London concert, and was greeted by an onslaught of booing from the crowd. Us Weekly writes, “[Y]oung fans were falling asleep before he finally arrived, and even began crying when they had to leave the show after only a few songs. Many had to attend school the next morning and catch last trains home from the show.” Some even suggest that a majority of JB’s original set list was cut from the performance to compensate for the delay. Hours later, Justin took to Twitter to explain:

This isn’t the first “I’m sorry” message to come from the Biebs via tweet in recent months. Earlier this year, after being photographed allegedly smoking pot, he took to the social media site to exclaim, “I never want to let any of you down” and then some.

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