Today is Justin Bieber’s Birthday, So We’re Celebrating With a Pic of Him in His “Birthday Suit”

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Teen Editor Dan Koday with Justin BieberI met Justin Drew Bieber about three years ago when his music label was introducing him around New York to editors like myself. At the time, Justin was probably 15 but looked 12. I legit have a pic of that.

Nowadays, Justin is all kinds of super famous and grown up and kinda, dare-I-say-now-that-he’s-finally-legal, hot!

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman who have secretly lusted over Justin Bieber and said things like “If he was just a few years older…” or “If he wasn’t jailbait, I’d be into that…” You can now be into that. Justin’s 18th Birthday is today.

Naturally, here at Teen.com we’re celebrating this joyous occasion the only way we know how: WITH AN EXCLUSIVE PIC OF JUSTIN BIEBER IN HIS UNDERWEAR!

Justin Bieber in His Underwear

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Okay, so I totally created that myself. Justin Bieber doesn’t just e-mail out pictures of himself in his underwear, guys! Now for a real pic of Justin in his underwear…

Justin Bieber Underwear Birthday Crown


Wanna wish JB a HB? His fans created a site HappyBirthdayJustinBieber.com and they’re trying to get him the Guinness World Record for the most social media posts in 24 hours. I don’t even wanna know how many posts that needs to be. I also feel bad for the poor person intern who has to count them all up!

Are you celebrating Justin’s birthday in some way? Will you help him get into the Guinness Book of World Records? Comment below!

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