An Ode to Our Fave Birthday Boy, Justin Bieber

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Today is Justin Bieber‘s 17th birthday! And since Bieber holds a special place in our hearts, we had to do more to celebrate his big day than send him balloons and a cake (or, uh, buy some for ourselves in his honor). We wrote him a poem! Yes, that’s right, a love poem for our Biebs wishing him a Happy Birthday. We’re creepy romantic like that.

If Justin ever uses these words as the lyrics to a future song you’ll have us to thank, but in the meantime? Check out our ode to Justin Bieber and leave your own bday wish for the Biebs in the comments!

Today’s your big day, the big one-seven!
17 years ago you got dropped straight from heaven.
You were just a wee “Baby” from Stratford, Canada
But everyone knew you were destined for fame. Duh!
You played the piano, guitar and the drums
And little did your mom Patti know you had quite the lungs!

Then you posted some videos on the internet
And after thousands of views, your place in the music biz was set.
Soon after you were founded on YouTube by Scooter Braun,
and before you knew it you had girls lining up on your lawn.

Then there was Usher, Jaden, Kanye and Chris Brown
And the music you made turned girls’ frowns upside down.
Then Never Say Never hit the big screen
And everywhere you went you caused a huge scene.

You make girls cry at the drop of a hat
And you’re never seen without your flat-billed cap.
Your trademark is your swooshy hair, your purple hoodie and your swag,
And we’re pretty sure one day you’ve got a Grammy in the bag.

We don’t care that your voice has changed. Not one bit!
Whatever song you release is a bonafide hit.
You’ve got so many Twitter followers, 7 million to be exact
And we know your talent is real — not some stupid act.

We love you, Justin, whether your hair is long or short,
Just know you’ll always have us Beliebers‘ support.
You’re so good to your fans, and for that we love you lots.
But let’s be real — we mostly love you cause you’re hot.

When you blow out your candles and make a wish,
We “Pray” that Selena isn’t the one that you kiss.
If you need “Somebody to Love” on your birthday, JB,
We at Teen.com will throw you a huge party.

Why won’t you admit you’re dating Selena Gomez? We don’t know either.
But know that with or without a GF, we’ll suffer from Bieber Fever.

Ha! Did you like our poem? What would YOUR birthday message be for JBiebs? Leave your bday wish below in the comments, Beliebers!