Add Your Message to Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Card via Twitter!

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March 1 is a very special day for someone very special to Teen.com — it’s Justin Bieber‘s birthday! But what do you give arguably the most famous teenager in the world? After all, he can pretty much buy anything he wants.

Two years ago, we gifted a one-of-a-kind ode to the Biebs, so that’s out of the question. It’s already flawless, so there’s no use writing another one. Right?! For his 18th bday, we sprang for pictures of him in his “birthday suit.” (So what if that was more of a treat for Beliebers than him?)

Still, even with the already amazing presents we’ve given to JB over the years, we think this one will be the best of ’em all: YOU! Okay, not really you, but messages from you. Starting now, through end of day tomorrow, we want you to add on to this post so we can give Justin the ultimate birthday card. Tweet your messages to the Biebs using the hashtag #teenJBbday (SIDE NOTE: Follow us @teen!) or leave your special note in the comments. Come on, make this Justin’s best birthday ever!

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