Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! 19 Reasons Why Bieber Fever Still Exists

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Happy 19th birthday to Justin Bieber! The “Baby” singer first came on the scene in 2009, and while some careers come and go, Justin has proved that he’s definitely here to stay.

In addition to releasing a number of hit albums (My World 2.0, BELIEVE, etc), he’s been the pioneer for a number of different trends in the music world today: getting discovered on YouTube, nicknaming a fan base (you know who you are, Beliebers!), giving new meaning to the word “swag,” and much, much more. It’s safe to say he’s well in the superstar stratosphere — over 35 million Twitter followers and over 51 million Facebook likes don’t lie.

As you may recall, when he first started really taking off, everyone was referring to his catapult to stardom as “Bieber Fever.” Well, many were infected with that nearly four years ago, and we’re not sure if there will ever be a cure.

So, to celebrate Justin’s big day, we found 19 GIFs that sum up why millions are still infected with a bad case of Bieber Fever! Check them out below!

1. First and foremost, he’s got some of the sickest dance moves out there.


2. He still puts so much passion into his music.


3. He knows how to work the camera.


4. He has that mischevious edge…


5. …but deep down we know he’s nothing but a mama’s boy!


6. He always makes time for his fans in need.


7. He doesn’t let the “haters” get to him


8. He might be a millionaire, but he likes to keep it simple.

9. Seriously…he never forgets his fans.


10. He’s such a goofball!


11. He comes up with the best slang terms.


12. He has AMAZING hair no matter what it looks like!


13. He went from adorable little boy…


14. …to an even more adorable young man!


15. Even though Jelena is no longer…he really was a great BF!


16. He has mastered the art of underwater singing!


17. He might be one of the biggest stars on the planet, but he always makes time for his family.


18. No matter what situation, he always has confidence!


19. And last but not least, his music of course!


What are some reasons that YOU still have Bieber Fever? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to send your b-day love to Justin, too!

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