BET Awards 2011? Yup, Justin Bieber Will Be There, Too

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We should’ve known this was coming. He was at the Grammys, the Billboard Music Awards, the MuchMusic awards and even the CMT Awards, so, duh, Justin Bieber would make an appearance at this weekend’s music awards show, too. Yup, Usmagazine.com reports that the Biebs will be joining R&B hot shots Beyonce, Drake, Chris Brown and more at the BET Awards for a “special appearance.”

By “special” does that mean, uh, duet with Selena Gomez?

Ha, we wish! But he’ll still be there, which is all that matters. Maybe he’ll present? Or perform? Or just stand there and look pretty? Tell us what you think/hope Biebs will do at the show in the comments! Oh, and BTW, the BET Awards air this Sunday, June 26th at 8pm!