The 10 Best and Worst Justin Bieber Magazine Covers Ever

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Justin Bieber has just landed in our hearts again on the latest cover of Billboard magazine, and he’s looking mighty fine with that denim vest slash messy hair slash smoldering stare. Yummers. But not all of Justin’s previous mag covers have been as sexy as this one, ya know. Take a stroll down memory lane and check out the best and worst Bieber mag covers ever. Plenty of Bieber pics ahead, just sayin’…

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1. Best: Hello! Canada, May 2010
Sure, Biebs looks like a baby (get it?) in this pic, but we think it’s a no-brainer that he took the cover for the mag’s “50 Most Beautiful Canadians” issue. Best call ever.

Hello! Canada

2. Worst: Hey Girl Turkey, August 2011
Ok fine, we don’t know Turkish so we have no idea what those headlines say (if you can translate, feel free). But this pic of Biebs is just way too close up for a cover shot. Besides, we all know that pic was taken at the Billboard Music Awards. Can’t fool us. We’re stalkers geniuses.

Hey Girl Turkey

3. Best: The Hollywood Reporter, February 2011
This cover story focused not on Justin’s relationship with Selena or his good looks, but on his business and, ya know, the fact that he’s majorly rich. Nice for a change, eh?

The Hollywood Reporter

4. Worst: Rolling Stone, March 2011
Yes, we know getting on the cover of RS is like, major. But um, so is Justin’s hair in this pic and his incredibly weird teen angst pout. It’s just not a good one, sorry JB.

Rolling Stone

5. Best: People, April 2011
The headline on this issue of People proclaiming Justin as the “World’s Biggest Pop Star?” There’s no way to argue that one, people.


6. Worst: Sugar Lad, March 2011
We don’t know what the British mag Sugar Lad is, but um, it kinda sounds like a porno for pedophiles. As does the headline, “He just looooves girls.” So do you people at the magazine, creepos.

Sugar Lad

7. Best: Seventeen, July 2011
This Justin Bieber cover was a special edition of the American Seventeen, which means it’s basically, like, 100 pages of Biebs interviews, pics, quizzes and quotes. We think every single mag should have one of these every single month. Who’s with us?!


8. Worst: Todateen, November 2011
We have nothing against Brazil (Olá to our Portuguese-speaking readers!), but this cover of JB on their teen mag is just horrific looking. Did they like, put eyeliner on him? And maybe some lip gloss? And make him look unnecessarily feminine? We like Justin just the way he is, thankyouverymuch.

Todateen Star Brazil

9. Best: Vanity Fair, February 2011
Forget that this issue of the mag didn’t exactly sell very well on the newsstand. It’s still one of our faves because the photo spread showed a side of the Biebs we hadn’t really seen before, and by that we mean shirtless. ‘Nuff said.

Vanity Fair - February 2011

10. Best: Us Weekly, January 2011
This issue is a spesh edition kinda like the Seventeen one, except Us‘s version comes with pics of Baby Biebs and a (fake) autograph on the cover. We want!

Us Weekly

Honorable Mention: Teen Vogue, October 2010
We just wanna curl up with Biebs and his grandpa sweater. So. Cayute.

Teen Vogue

P.S. Check out more of Justin’s Billboard cover story here. Which cover was your fave? Did we miss any covers, guys? Tell us below, Beliebers!