Imagine if Justin Bieber Really Did Star in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ (GIFs)

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As if the news of Ben Affleck taking on the role of The Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel wasn't controversial enough, Justin Bieber sent fans in to a tizzy over the weekend when he posted an Instagram picture of himself holding a script labeled Batman Vs. Superman, along with the caption that read as "#robin ??"

Instagram (@justinbieber)

However, if you paid careful attention, the 19-year-old also tweeted earlier in the day, "Off to do something funny or…die :)" leading many to suspect that this is all just a part of a Funny or Die spoof rather than an audition for the film.

BUT, just to have a little fun, let's imagine if the Biebs did star in the Superman vs. Batman movie. Would it really be so far-fetched? We've already seen him…

…acting serious on CSI,


…wearing skin-tight clothing,

Instagram (@justinbieber); Inset (DC Comics)

…running (quite gracefully, we might add),

Tumblr (annakarensam)

…donning a mask,

Instagram (@justinbieber)

…and "flying."

Tumblr (justinismynightingale)

Honestly, people, how much more Robin could you get? Ha. Would you like to see the "As Long As You Love Me" singer in the Man of Steel sequel? If you say no, then who could you picture as Batman's sidekick? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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