Justin Bieber Gets Cozy with Model Baskin Champion After Jelena Split

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No one really knows, with 100% certainty, what’s going on with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the moment. Some source say they’re taking a break, but others say they’re still together. What we do know, however, is that The Biebs was spotted getting cozy with model Baskin Champion at a Craig David concert last night.

The 24- and 22-year-olds were first seen hanging out last week after the Los Angeles premiere of Midnight Sun, but people wrote it off as nothing because Baskin’s younger sister, Abby Champion, is dating the film’s star, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Speculation that something is going on between the two heated up in the early hours of the morning, however, after a source told Entertainment Tonight that “the singer was seen with his arm wrapped around her waist during one song, and she was spotted dancing up on him throughout the show.”

A video shows the pair having a great time and even getting a little flirty. At one point it even appears that JB puts his hand on Baskin’s lower back/butt region.

But even though Justin was busy hangin’ with the blonde beauty, he also made time to jump on stage with the British musician at one point in the night.

“This guy right here supported me from day one, came to my show in London,” the Canadian crooner told the audience. “I look up to him, he’s an amazing guy and he’s an incredible artist, I’m just glad to be here I had so much fun.”

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Craig later wrote, “Thank you L.A for the amazing energy tonight for my @TS5 show @theroxy Special thanks to @justinbieber for passing through and showing so much love & for the kind words on stage.”

So, are Justin and Baskin a fling or just friends? We have no idea. Time will tell, we guess!