5 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Might Be Hollywood’s New Bad Boy

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Justin Bieber used to look like the kid who was a pro at walking old ladies across the street, but now the only thing we’re worried about is accidentally hitting one of them while speeding down the road in his Fisker. First is was Shia LaBeouf, then Joe Jonas — but with so many incidents with the cops and a lawsuit on his hands, could the Biebs be following their bad boy footsteps? Here’s why we’re thinking maybe…

He’s throwing punches. If anyone defends his girlfriend, it’s the Biebs — but did he really need to smack someone in the face while doing so? While Jelena was out on a date, the paparazzi were all over them (surprise, surprise!). While one of the photogs was trying to snap pics of them, the Biebs supposedly hit him right in the kisser. Ouch.


He was almost a baby daddy. OK, not really, but when that crazy lady (Mariah Yeater) said the Biebs was the father of her baby, it definitely caused some controversy. But, c’mon girl — he’s dating SelGo. What Belieber is going to believe you?


He’s reckless. If you happen to see a Fisker cruising down the road at 120 mph, it might just be the Biebs — he obvi has a need for speed. He told everyone his Fast and the Furious-worthy act was because he was being followed by the paparazzi, but who wouldn’t want to drive one of the most expensive cars in the world as fast as possible? You don’t fool us for a second, Justin.


He’s got a lawsuit on his hands. Any fan that goes to a Justin Bieber concert should know there’s going to be a lot of screaming, but right now, Justin’s dealing with a woman who said the crowd was a little too wild, causing her hearing damage. And, she wants $9 million to make things better. Maybe she should have saved the hassle and bought some earplugs.


He has attitude problems. (According to people in the UK, anyway.) Evidently when Justin was promoting his new album, “Believe,” he was being rude and mocking the English accent. Then later, he “scowled” when someone compared his music to Justin Timberlake’s solo album. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to the legendary JT?


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