Hundreds of People Attend Justin Bieber Protest in Atlanta, Georgia

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Perez Hilton

And the downward spiral continues for Justin Bieber. In the last month, Americans have rallied to get the "As Long As You Love Me" singer deported, "made a bet" with Canada to take him back if they lost the recent hockey game at the Olympics (which they didn't), now, hundreds of members of a Georgia community are protesting his arrival in their hometown.

According to NBC Atlanta, residents of Buckhead are fighting against the 19-year-old pop star after he was said to have looked at some potential homes in the area. They even started a group on Facebook! Here's the summary: "As a community here in Buckhead, we have worked hard to achieve our goals and get to where we are. Justin Bieber's relocation to Atlanta can be nothing but bad for our children, as well as the community. Some can't even let their children play in the driveway without fear; he has raced vehicles under the influence before. What's to say he won't do it again? As a home owner down the street from this residence, one can assume many people will be contacting real estate agents soon enough. Please do not allow a child to ruin what we have worked so hard to obtain. Thanks for the support!"

This morning, the picketing began as a large group gathered on a particular corner, holding signs that declared their "non-Belieber" status.

But haters can continue to hate as the artist just dropped a new track that works perfectly for this situation. Here are some of the lyrics for "Can't Be Broken:" I guess they want a reaction // I ain't gonna give it to 'em // They're trying to get at me // I ain't gonna feed into it.

Oh yeah, and his "Baby" music video just surpassed the 1 billion view mark on YouTube, making it the most-watched video of all time. What, what. For all your JB-related comments, sound off below or on our Justin Bieber message board.

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