Justin Bieber Drops ‘Confident’ Music Video Amid Criminal Assault Charges

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Well that's one way of dealing with this whole situation. Justin Bieber has had probably the most hectic week ever — he was arrested for a DUI in Miami on January 23, and now he's turned himself in to Toronto police after being charged with criminal assault after he was accused of beating a limo driver back in December.

And literally as JB turned himself in to the police, his latest music video for his song "Confident" dropped. Um, OK? Not only that, but after the "Baby" singer was arrested, he headed down to Panama to shoot a music video. Oh, and let's not forget about that petition to have his green card revoked.

Non-Beliebers started up this petition to the White House in order to get him deported, and it has already received nearly 150,000 signatures. When a petition such as this reaches 100k, the White House has to respond.

Going back to the assault charges, TMZ reports he'll most likely "be booked for assault, given a citation and released on his own recognizance." Seriously, why can't he stay out of trouble?

What do YOU think about all this? And what do you think about him dropping his music video amid all through controversy? Share you thoughts in the comments section.

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