Justin Bieber Tweets Out TMZ’s Phone Number as April Fool’s Prank

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As an April Fool’s Day prank, singer Justin Bieber sent out a tweet to his followers saying, “As promised taking all fan phone calls TODAY at (888) 847-9869. Talk to u soon!” The number, however, does not belong to Bieber. It belongs to the celebrity news website TMZ, which is known for publishing many negative Bieber-related articles.

Looks like Bieber was trying to get back at TMZ for all of those stories! Bieber has since taken the tweet down but many of his fans took a screenshot of it and have flooded the TMZ tip-line number with calls.

As a follow-up, Justin tweeted out “Did everyone call me?” TMZ has since blocked their line and are probably none too pleased with the pop star. April Fool’s Day: A day to get back at your enemies.



Also, in an effort to get Justin Bieber’s attention on April Fool’s Day, his fans are changing their profile picture to pictures of Justin and changing their profile name to Justin Bieber. Now, Bieber has change his picture to one with Chuck Norris and his followers are all rushing to do the same.

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