Justin Bieber Apologizes to Bill Clinton on Twitter

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Looks like Justin Bieber is feeling the sting of his foolish actions. On Wednesday, a video from earlier this year surfaced, in which he was seen urinating in a mop bucket, and then majorly dissing former president Bill Clinton. As JB was exiting the back of the restaurant after he relieved himself, he saw a photo, hit it and said, ““F*** Bill Clinton!”

The 19-year-old “Baby” singer not only apologized for the actions, but he had some kind words to say about Bill as well. Justin tweeted earlier in the day, “In life u will make mistakes and people will try and tear u down…but u gotta stay positive. Stay strong..and learn to be better..and…..always live to serve others and The Lord. #growingeveryday”

As for his apology to Bill, it looks like Justin took the time to personally talk to him, as he tweeted:

Oh, Biebs. What do YOU think of his apology? Is it sincere? Or too little too late? Sound off in the comments, and check out when we surprised a JB fan on Dear Teen!

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