REPORT: Justin Bieber Abandons Pet Monkey Mally in Germany

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The life of Mally, Justin Bieber‘s pet capuchin monkey, hasn’t exactly been one of luxury. At just nine or 10 weeks old, the infant primate was taken away from its mother, which is “much too early” according to veterinary physicians, forced onto a plane by its owner, and quarantined by German customs.

Now, it looks like Mally Bieber’s fate will be left up to Munich officials, as the 19-year-old singer’s reportedly abandoned his furry friend. Germany’s Bild newspaper says that Justin’s people in the United States originally indicated they wanted Mally back in their possession, but have since backtracked, asking German officials to place the creature in a zoo or other safe place. So far, Bieber’s reps have yet to confirm or deny the aforementioned information.

This isn’t the only case of bad news on the Bieber/animal front. Back in March, Bieber’s hamster, PAC, which he gave away to a random fan late last year, passed away into “little hamster heaven.”

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