OMG, a Paper Towns Actor Asked His GF to Prom in the Most Disgusting Way!

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With October 20, right around the corner, Paper Towns DVD release is swiftly approaching, so obviously movie night, agreed? Agreed. What better way to celebrate its almost arrival than by taking a road trip to the movie’s official paper town, Agloe, New York, accompanied by the film’s very own adorable on-screen couple, Justice Smith and Jaz Sinclair (totally NBD), because Radar and Angela are total #PaperTownsRelationshipGoals. Stocked up on killer snacks, good company and a viewing of Paper Towns, but of course, we were ready for the ultimate road trip.

Along the way we chatted up Jaz and Justice and, boy, did they have some juicy Paper Towns secrets to share! We love Justice just as much as the next PT groupie, but he told us how he asked his high school girlfriend to prom and all we have to say is, gross! Don’t miss any of the fun: