16 Hilarious #justgirlythings Parodies Taking Vine by Storm

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Over the past few months, the #justgirlythings meme has popped up all over Reddit and Tumblr. These tagged images feature cutesy text, such as "painting your nails" or "giggling with your best friend about your crush," with the words placed over some artsy picture (all with the aesthetic of an unrealistic Instagram filter).

Naturally, it didn't take long before the trolls of the Internet responded.

Exhibit A:

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Exhibit B:


More recently, the meme has taken up another life on the 6-second movie-making social media app, Vine. What happens when you combine the Internet-famous meme and Vine comedians? Pure hilarity. Here are a few favorites that cannot go unseen.

1. Loving the Feeling of Your Hair Blowing in the Wind.


2. When you Realize He's the One you Want to Grow Old With.

3. Going Out for Ice Cream with Your Best Friend.


4. Wearing a Pair of Heels Around the House to Break Them in.

5. Spending Time with Your Dad.


6. Finding Someone Who Treats You Right.

7. When He Unexpectedly Pops into Your Life Again.

8. Trying to be Confident with Your Body.

9. Singing to Yourself When No One is Around.

10. When a Song Describes Exactly How You Feel.

11. Watching Leaves Fall from the Tree.

12. Pulling Food Crumbs Out of Your Cleavage and Eating Them.13. Feeling Cute in a New Outfit.14. Carrying Everything in Your Purse.

15. Finding a Mascara That Makes Your Lashes Pop.

16. Letting Your Friends Paint Your Nails.

What are your favorite Vines? Sound off in the comments below!

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