8 Junior Year of High School Expectations and What Really Happens

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Freshman year of high school is exciting, sophomore year is a little strange, and junior year is, well, just plain tough. From SATs to drivers’ tests, you can always expect your third year of high school to go quite differently than how it actually does. For example…

1. Expectation: Since you’re no longer an underclassman, everyone will treat you differently!

Reality: You’re still not a senior, so no one really cares.

2. Expectation: You’ll pass your road test on the first try.

Reality: It’ll probably take you two or three tries.

3.Expectation: When you pass your test, there will be a shiny new car with a big red bow waiting for you.

Reality: LOL!



4. Expectation: You’ll start visiting potential colleges early.

Reality: …There’s always next week.

5. Expectation: You won’t need an SAT tutor.


6. Expectation: Since it’s the year that matters, you’ll start working extra-hard from the get-go.

Comic Vine

Comic Vine

Reality: Senioritis doesn’t just happen to seniors.

7. Expectation: You’ll join a million extracurricular activities!

Reality: Does after-school napping count?

8. Expectation: Junior year can’t possibly be as tough as they say it is.

Reality: Oh yes it can.

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