5 Reasons Why We’re Excited for July: The Olympics, Blockbusters and More!

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We feel like we say this every month, but oh my gaw, how is it July already? It feels like Spring Break was like, a minute ago! But rather than cry that the summer is almost over (well, not exactly but whatevs), we’d like to tell you why you should be excited for the upcoming month, other than for not having school. So from the best movies, music and events, see why we’re stoked for July 2012!

1. Summer blockbusters: After months of writing about and waiting for huge movies to come out like The Amazing Spider-Man, Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, Ice Age 4 and Step Up Revolution, we finallyget to see ’em this month. Whaddup, AMC gift card…


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2. Summer concerts: Aside from Demi Lovato and One Direction who are touring the US as we speak (separately, not together), other huge artists like Nicki Minaj, Mindless Behavior and Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson (together!) are doing the summer tourthing, too.



3. Teen Choice Awards: Let’s be real here: the TCAs are the best award show of them all. And not just because we’re giving away two tickets to see ’em live in LA. Nope! Because basically every single album/movie/TV show/celeb we obsessed over this year is nominated for a surfboard. And Flo Rida and No Doubtare performing! So yeah, kids, make sure you’re by a TV when they air on July 22.



4. The Olympics Regardless of whether or not One Direction and/or Adele perform at the Olympics’ opening ceremony in London on July 27, we are def going to be watching. Hot shirtless athletic guys get our attention no matter what the occasion. True?summer-olympics-london-2012
5. Kourtney Kardashian will give birth: Ok, this event isn’t as huge as all the others we mentioned (unless we’re referring to her baby bump–wow), but July is the month in which the first female Kardashian baby will arrive in the world which means, well, we don’t even know what. Maybe the apocalypse will come or something.



What are you most excited for this month? Any big events we missed?

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