How Julien Solomita’s YouTube Career is Causing Him Serious Anxiety

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Julien Solomita went from being “Jenna Marbles‘ boyfriend” to a respected YouTube star all on his own rather quickly. The 25-year-old now has 1.2 million subscribers on YT and is constantly working to make his content better so he can give fans more of what they want. The former college baseball player is very into video games and often live-streams gaming sessions for people to watch. While this practice is obviously helping his career, it’s also, unfortunately, seriously hurting his mental health.

The YouTuber used his latest vlog to open up about how always being connected is causing serious anxiety, and therefore hurting him both physically and mentally.

He explained, “I’ve been having the worst anxiety dreams. I’ve been waking up through the night…I have these dreams where I’m convinced, where I wake up half asleep, that I’m still live [on Twitch.tv]. The feeling of you being live in front of an audience while being asleep is a painfully real sensation. I’ve been having [this feeling] sporadically for the last month, ever since we started picking up the stream schedule.”

Julien also says he’s been “waking up feeling less and less rested every day,” even though he tries to end the streams early enough so he has enough time to relax before going to bed. He’s aware that something has to change, because he can’t keep living this way.

As much as we love when JM goes live, we care more about his mental health. If taking a break from the Internet is what he needs to get better, than we hope that’s what he does.

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