The Vampire Diaries Creator Compares Legacies Spin-Off to Harry Potter

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If you’re a diehard fan of Harry Potter, we’ve got great news! We caught up with the producer of the upcoming spinoff of The Originals at this year’s Comic Con, and she anticipates that HP fans (and, of course, Vampire Diaries fans), will love the new show!

That’s right, y’all! producer and writer Julie Plec spoke candidly with us about the upcoming series, which is called Legacies, and TBH, now that we know a little bit more about what’s to come, we couldn’t be more stoked! Why? Well, because Julie said it’ll kinda be like Hogwarts!

Yup! When we asked about what fans should be most excited for, Julie told us, “We’re building our own version of Hogwarts and we’re just celebrating all of the supernatural creatures as teenagers, and what life is like when you’re different.” OMG!

That’s not all, though! Julie also dished details about whether or not we’d see any familiar faces pop up during the series, and the answer is YES! Fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals can expect to see a few cameos, so you KNOW we’ll be watching. However, if you’ve never seen an episode of either of those series in your life, don’t worry because Julie made it clear that watching those shows isn’t a prerequisite for being able to understand Legacies.

She said, “Now’s the time to hop on board because it’s an entirely new generation of characters. You don’t have to have seen a single second of Vampire Diaries to understand what a supernatural school is all about.” Wow! We can’t wait!