Movies Endorses: Journey 2! 5 Reasons You Should See It

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If all our exclusive interviews with Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens and the rest of the cast of Journey 2 didn’t convince you to see the movie (out today!), then we’re not sure what will. Oh, wait, actually, this will. These 5 reasons why you should see the movie this weekend. Never mind that Peeta Josh is a hottie. Actually, um, that’s one of our reasons…

1. Josh Hutcherson is Hot. It’s pretty obvs that Joshie is a hottie, but in this movie he gets down and dirty with nature, shows off his knowledge about weird yet interesting historical stuff, and has zero game with girls whatsoever, which makes him all the more charming in our books.


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2. The scenery is literally breathtaking. The movie was shot in Hawaii, so no wonder, but we were literally in awe of how beautiful they made Mysterious Island out to be. With all those crazy things in 3D, we felt like we were on vacay ourselves!


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3. But the special effects are even better. Riding giant bees, petting baby elephants and driving an old helicopter through a torrential hurricane — only in the movies, people. Those special effects guys did wonders!


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4. It’s pretty freakin’ funny. You may or may not (but probably may) LOL during one particular scene with Josh’s character Sean and his stepdad, Hank (played by the Rock), and you’ll also be laughing here and there throughout the whole movie. Vanessa Hudgens’ comedic timing is actually kinda amazing.


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5. There’s a bunch of little lessons to be learned. You’ll walk away from the flick with great messages about family, money, and even romance. Oh, and you may or may not snag some tips from The Rock on how to get the attention of your crush. Just sayin’.


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Journey 2 is out now! Do you plan on seeing it this weekend? Are you a bigger fan of Josh’s or Vanessa’s? Tell us now!

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