Josh Hutcherson Dishes on Heartbreak, Dating & Jennifer Lawrence

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There's a new light in Josh Hutcherson's life; she goes by the name Claudia Traisac. But, just because he has a girlfriend now doesn't mean he's not familiar with heartbreak and dating around. And that's exactly what he's talking about in the latest issue of Seventeen

Josh Hutcherson, Seventeen Magazine November 2013 Cover

When asked if he's ever dated a girl with the wrong intentions, he responds, "Definitely. I was blind at first by looks, by love, whatever. I've been known to fall hard and quick for girls, which I think is better than not falling at all."

And on heartbreak he says, "I think getting broken up with is worse than breaking up with somebody… For me, it hurts more when you're ready for something to keep going and the other person isn't."

But the interview wasn't all about romantic relationships. The Catching Fire star also spills on who's funnier between him and Jennifer Lawrence, "We have this debate all the time — I think it's me! This sounds mean, but it's true, and Jennifer would agree. Her thing is being shocking, goofy, and silly — which is amazing, and it takes a talented person to do that. I like to be more clever and witty. But if you had to go on who gets more laughs, I'd say she’d be the winner."

For more of Josh's interview, visit Seventeen.com or pick up the November issue of Seventeen on newsstands October 22!

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