Sorry, Josh Hutcherson! 5 Actors Who Would’ve Made a Better Peeta

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File this under “F” for first world problems, but my pet peeve is when producers cast a brunette to play a natural blond. It seriously drives me nuts. Why on earth was Nikki Reed, with her brown hair and eyes, cast as blond bombshell Rosalie Cullen in the Twilight saga?! Ugh. I mean, is there really a shortage of blonds in Hollywood? I think not.

And while I have a serious crush on dark-haired Josh Hutcherson, I just can’t believe he landed the role of Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, who Katniss herself describes as stocky build and medium height with bright blue eyes and ashy blonde hair that falls in waves over his forehead.

Um, srsly?

And did I mention that Jennifer Lawrence is taller than him? I mean SRSLY people! So, I decided to play a little fantasy casting director and re-imagine the role starring some real-life flaxen fellas. Read on and tell me what you think about my updated staffing…

Freddie Stroma
The Harry Potter hottie was my number one choice to play Peeta. But, as a compromise, I’ll settle for a one-on-one date with him where we act out The Hunger Games script — especially the kissing scenes. 🙂

Kellan Lutz
Blond? Check. Blue-eyed? Check check. But Kel doesn’t exactly look like he’s 16. Then again, with a body like that do you really care? Yeah, me neither.


Hunter Parrish
The Weeds star was actually up for the role, but lost out to Josh. Do you think the Hollywood execs made a grave error by skipping Hunter for the part?

Zac Efron
OK, so he’s not blond either, but if it were up to me, Zac Efron would star in every movie ever made, none of them involving shirts. Zac seems to have perfected the tough-yet-sensitive character and besides, didn’t you like him and Vanessa Hudgens as a couple better than Josh and Vanessa Hudgens?!


William Moseley
The Chronicles of Narnia star may have to suppress his British accent to play a Panem tribute, but if Liam Hemsworth can un-Aussie himself, I’m sure Will could too. And even if he couldn’t, aren’t you willing to over look it? Swoon!

Who else would you like to see fill in for Josh? Or did the casting directors get it right the first time with their Peeta pick? To the comments!

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