Happy Birthday, Josh Hutcherson! Pic (and GIF) Proof That He’s a Bad-Ass

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It’s Josh Hutcherson‘s 20th birthday! So we thought we’d show him some love, since that’s what we do on our fave celebrity birthdays. What to do, though? We already utilized the Hunger Games angle for Jennifer Lawrence‘s, but we needed to incorporate Peeta Mellark somehow. So we opted to show off J.Hutch doing what he does best: being a boss. Check out the picture (and GIF) proof of his bad-assness, and make sure to leave your bday wishes below! (P.S. If you’re just-can’t-wait excited to see Josh in the THG sequel, join the convo on our new Catching Fire message board!)

He wears a pink helmet like nobody’s business…


He pushes girls and smiles about it afterward (jokingly, otherwise we’d never approve)…

Tumblr (caarlamellark)

He’s not afraid to show his true feelings…

Tumblr (caarlamellark)

He’s been taking care of his hair since infancy…

Tumblr (caixinhadeilusao)

His dance moves are bomb…

Tumblr (i-like-pink)

And just so we’re not completely sarcastic, here’s actual proof that he’s a bad-ass:


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