REPORT: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Batman in the ‘Justice League’ Movie

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The blockbuster Batman trilogy, which ended this past summer with The Dark Knight Rises, may see a ‘rise’ once again (somewhat). Though Christian Bale is out as the Caped Crusader, another star from the Christopher Nolan-directed franchise is reportedly said to be taking over the reins: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

According to a HitFix.com exclusive, “Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman.”

Just to recap The Dark Knight Rises, JGL portrayed Detective John Blake a.k.a. — in case you haven’t seen it yet, SPOILER! — Robin, Batman’s sidekick throughout the DC Comics series. However, if he were to take on this role, does this mean it’ll be John Blake behind Batman’s mask (which never happened in the comics) or will Joseph actually be Bruce Wayne? Confusing.

The Justice League film, which will feature Batman, Superman (portrayed by Henry Cavill in Man of Steel come June 2013), Green Lantern (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in 2011), Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, the Flash and more superheroes, is tentatively scheduled for 2015.

What do you think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the next Batman? Think Justice League will be able to compete with The Avengers? Tell us your thoughts!

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