6 Gorgeous Guys Who Won Over Jordin Sparks’ Heart in the Past

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When Jordin Sparks first entered the Hollywood scene as a season six American Idol contestant, she was sporting a purity ring loud and proud. This was back in 2006 when all three Jonas Brothers were doing the same thing. The 27-year-old even famously defended their choice at the VMAs a couple years later. “It’s not bad to be wear a promise ring because not everyone — guy or girl — wants to be a slut,” she said — on live television no less.

That’s why fans were so surprised when she started appearing in public without it around the time she started dating Jason Derulo. Even talk show host Wendy Williams flat-out asked the singer if she had it on and got a shake of the head in response. Her BF was a little more vocal about that aspect of their relationship. When asked if the brunette was a virgin at the beginning of their romance, he famously replied, “Uh yeah… she was.”

But JS’ dating life has been in the spotlight for more than just her purity ring status. She has also been at the center of a few very public, very high-profile breakups in the past few years, complete with cheating rumors, leaked phone calls, and lots of he-said, she-said. So after WAY too much drama surrounding her and her love life, she swore off dating for a little while and even made it clear with an Instagram post that she had returned to abstinence.

Things were quiet, at least in terms of romance and her singing career, for quite some time. She was still up to her usual philanthropy, but that was about it. That is, until she burst back onto the scene out of absolutely nowhere with the biggest news of all — so big that we’re still having a hard time believing it a month later. But don’t worry, we’ll start from the beginning…