YouTube Star Emotionally Comes Out as Gay in Tear-Filled New Video

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Instagram (@yesjordanhanna)

Instagram (@yesjordanhanna)

When some YouTubers come out online, it’s done very casually without much of a spectacle. When others open up about their sexuality, however, it’s much more vulnerable and emotionally raw. Jordan Hanna‘s recent coming-out video definitely falls into the second category.

The 18-year-old Musical.ly and YouTube star said he spent his whole life trying “to hide this, to ignore it, to bite [his] tongue and brainwash [himself] into thinking [he] likes girls.” But while that method worked for a bit, he’s “done hiding” and is finally ready to be his true self.

“I can’t live another day hiding this anymore, so I need to tell you guys something that I have been keeping to myself for a very long time,” he said with tears in his eyes. “I have cried hundreds, even thousands [of times] over this. Now, especially, I just need to come out and say it — I’m gay.”

The teen further admits that his religious beliefs definitely deterred him from accepting himself as a homosexual individual.

“I’m tired of feeling pressured by religion and my family and friends and the world that’s telling me that gay is wrong, because I know it’s not. In my heart, I know it’s not.”

Although the teenager came out to the Internet community, he still hasn’t had ‘the talk’ with his friends and family in real life because “a lot of them have told [him] that being gay is wrong” and he doesn’t “feel like they deserve to be the first to hear this” news.

The YT guy concluded the heartfelt video by saying he wants to be someone that his viewers are proud of, so Jordan, if you’re reading this, you definitely accomplished that goal.

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