After PewDiePie, Another Popular YouTube Gamer Posts Offensive Content

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This really is the time for problematic YouTubers, huh? One month after the most popular YouTube star ever, PewDiePie — really, he’s the #1 YouTuber with more than double the amount of subscribers as Smosh, who holds the #2 spot — was criticized for posting anti-Semitic content on his YouTube channel, another popular YT gamer is under fire for posting offensive content online as well. And that online personality is JonTron.

The 26-year-old host of YouTube channel JonTronShow, whose real name is Jon Jafari, went on a total Twitter rant, causing concern for its white supremacy context. (FYI, Jon is half-Hungarian, half-Iranian.) Here are some of his most jaw-dropping comments:

Since then, he’s been called a racist:

TBH, Jon’s known for his… strongly-opinionated commentary, so this is not entirely shocking.
Like JonTron, these YouTubers were called out for racism: