10 Things to Know About Leven Rambin’s On-Screen Love Interest, Jonny Weston!

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Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Walden Media, LLC

If there’s anything we need more of in our lives right now, it’s hot shirtless surfers. Luckily for us, a new flick called Chasing Mavericks hits theaters Friday, October 26! Hollywood newcomer Jonny Weston will be depicting the true story of legendary surfer Jay Moriarity, who became famous for surfing Mavericks’ (Northern California’s epic surf spot) massive waves. His mentor, Frosty Hesson (played by Gerard Butler), and his girlfriend, Kim (played by Hunger Games tribute Leven Rambin), serve as his support system throughout his journey. Unfortunately, Jay died the day before his 23rd birthday due to a diving accident and, ironically enough, the day before Jonny’s own 23rd birthday was when he first read the script for the film. Eerie.

Check out the trailer below and find out how Jonny got into acting, the scary details of his motorcycle accident and what kind of training he had to go through for the movie!

1. Jonny Weston grew up surfing on the South Carolina coast at a place called Folly Beach.


2. When he first learned to surf at 11 years old, he hated it. Now? He’s actually surfed the real-life Mavericks in Northern Cali. We’re talking 30+ foot waves, people.


3. After turning 18, he headed for the West Coast to attend the University of Southern California. He picked up a theater class there and fell in love with acting. He even quit school to pursue it further!


4. He was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident after going too fast down a street. “I was trying to gun it as fast as I could and I was checking the gauges, and I looked up and a parked car was speeding at me at 70 miles per hour. I hit the back brakes because I’m used to dirt biking, so the back skidded out sideways and I jumped off of it,” he shared during an interview with Nylon magazine. Luckily, he wasn’t seriously injured!


5. His favorite weird food combination? Peanut butter and Oreos. Umm, yum.

6. Jonny filmed this adorable commercial for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization with Gerard Bulter. Makes you want to do good, doesn’t it?

7. To prep for Chasing Mavericks, Jonny would surf for 12 hours a day and paddle for eight miles. That’s probably why he’s ripped!

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Walden Media, LLC

8. Jonny’s favorite scene to film for CM was a night surfing scene he did with Leven. “We went surfing at night and they basically shot these huge lights on the water. They cleared the spot. There were waves maybe a foot high, a foot over head. It was so peaceful,” he told moviefanatic.com.


9. He was on an episode of Disney XD’s Supah Ninjas as James. You can see him at the :40-second mark:

10. He originally tried to pursue his acting career in New York City, but he had a hard time finding work until a manager in California stumbled across his audition tape for a role he didn’t get. Fate!


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