Jonathan Bennett Stops by Clevver for a Mean Girls-Themed Meal!

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And on Wednesdays, we share an all-carb-diet-friendly meal with Aaron Samuels — while wearing pink, duh. In honor of Mean Girls Day on this glorious October 3rd, we’re bringing you a brand-new Mean Girls-themed episode of Clevver’s Cheat Day with a very special guest.

On this episode of Cheat Day, our hosts, Joslyn Davis and Emile Ennis Jr., are both just having an awesome time eating awesome Mean Girls-themed foods and soaking up the awesomeness that is Mean Girls-turned-Food Network star Jonathan Bennett AND the The Burn Cookbook that he co-wrote with celebrity chef Nikki Martin!

And no, this isn’t a regular cookbook, it’s a COOL cookbook. We got a taste of all the rainbow & smile-filled recipes — with punny foods like “Whatever, I’m Getting Cheese Fries” and “Your Angel Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back” — just to namedrop a few recipes you’ll find inside the cookbook.

Throw the GROOLEST Mean Girls party or just feed your Inner Plastic. (Don’t worry, it’s All-Carb-Diet friendly.)