YouTube Gamer & His Longtime Girlfriend Call it Quits Out of Seemingly Nowhere

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On the outside, Jonas “sp4zie” Ring and his girlfriend, Malin Hansson, were the perfect couple. The pair was together for seven years and didn’t let the the 27-year-old’s successful YouTube channel affect their relationship. But you know what they say — not everything is always what it seems.

The YouTuber recently announced that he and his longtime bae decided to break up, and while the news came as a complete shock to fans, it was actually brewing for a long time.

“We finally sat down and Malin said, ‘I think we should break up,’ and I felt this sinking feeling, but at the same time I immediately also thought, ‘Yeah, we should,'” he explained. “I think even a year ago — maybe even longer — we both knew we were kinda gonna end up here, but I’m so glad Malin had the balls to say it, ’cause I don’t think I ever could’ve said it ’cause I like her. A lot. And she likes me.”

The gamer said he wishes one of them “cheated on the other so [he] could milk this for views,” but unfortunately there was no drama involved and the decision to split was completely mutual.

“Malin and I had a fantastic relationship; we got 90 percent of the relationship perfected…and I’m not saying the other 10 percent was us fighting and screaming, it was just the fact of us having some different views on things. And I think we both knew it would lead us here, but we’ve been postponing it ’cause we like each other that much and we really, really like being with each other. But finally we did it.”

You can watch the entire breakup announcement below:

Maybe one day Jonas and Malin will be able to record a video together, just like these couples did after breaking up: